About ten minutes to self after run. 

The writing father again strangled by time.  Coffee machine ready to brew, now sipping water, some construction going on next door makes me think of the maintenance I need perpetuate today.  Half-marathon on Sunday…  So much in my head I’m even more without air, choked off from tranquility.  Oh, and I have to log this morning’s run, the “Windy Fall Run” I’m calling it, and Monday’s run which I’m dubbing “Rain Run One”.  I need to calm down, I know.  Enjoy the morning.  But how, when I have to be on campus soon and prep, then lecture and guide students through their first rough draft workshop…  Yes, I’m stressed.  And the stress is winning.  What can I do to calm, to even myself in the next 5 minutes?  Sip another glass of water, don’t start on the coffee yet.  Listen to some music, enjoy your shower, breathe…  Hope I’m not presenting myself with an instructional angle, because I’m learning as I go, really.  I love the lesson, I love the stress now that I see it a certain way—  Going to enjoy my music, shower, drive to campus, and walk all over Wednesday.

Learned:  This is all for me, to empower me, to benefit me, my family, and for the story I’m writing, where I’m going.

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