Just What I Want

I’m in a mood to be loved, to love, to focus on the idea of love and just explore it.  Not sure how, but to just throw myself into it.  And with this new idea I mentioned earlier, the one from the run, I fall further in love with the potential, and asserting love in all business ventures.  Love for what I do, love for the clients, love for potential clients.  Not a trite usage of the word ‘love’.  I hope I’m not being digested that way.  Just love… love… I don’t know what else to say.  This moment now, sitting here in my home office chair, done with coffee and nursing my second post-run water…  I love it.  I love being alive.. I love my family, my babies, wife…  I don’t know where I’m going with this.  Maybe no where.  But I focused on love for an entry.  That’s positive, that’s how I want to be known, remembered when I’m gone.  Don’t want to focus too much on that, the ‘me being gone’ part.  My mood, love.  I love that I called in sick today to care for my daughter, take her to her doc appointment.  I love that I still have my running shorts on, that I haven’t fucking showered yet.  I love that I just wrote ‘fucking’…  I love that for some reason I’m laughing about it, typing ‘fucking’.  Maybe I have caffeine intox’…  Oh well.  This is the Monday I wanted, and now I have it.