Wrote 500+ words for students, for tomorrow, day 1

of the semester that WILL do it. IT.  The IT I’ve always envisioned— Equilibrium is what I called it, writing in my car in the morning in the SSU parking lot.  But now, so much more at stake.  I mean, if I don’t succeed this semester with— NO, not going to entertain failure as it won’t happen.  BUT, before the semester starts, just know I intend on this being my last an unequivocally my best term ever.  I will be noticed, this blog will be noticed, I will consolidate everything, all life matters into one singularized and specific spot.  This blog.  This blog is more than a blog, it’s a book, a life, a new life for me, my family.

Jack now complains of not feeling so well, Alice swiftly asleep with him in his bed.  This semester already suggests it will entail a turbulent beginning.  And if it does, lovely!  Only to build character, and story.  My story and the story of this creative adjunct who broke away from the adjunct bullshit he’s endured for years.  Beginning of ’17, and have to start thinking that way, I will be traveling with my lectures and thoughts, my writings on teaching and running, total wellness… and not from some cheesy motivational angle or some “life coach” bullshit (still don’t know how someone could call themselves a “life coach”, I sure as shit can’t)… just positivity.  I am a teacher, but I’m not.  I’m actually quicker to suggest I’m a student.  And that’s how I’m going into tomorrow— simple, humble, creative.  Huh, I like that.  A new meditation for me, maybe?  Simple…  Humble…  Creative…  Think I found something.  Going to write up a timeline for me.  Oh this semester, start of a new business in melody with the existing, this bottledaux story I started at the beginning of ’12, when I was in the wine industry, at that marketing “firm” in Napa…  Angry, knew I’d get fired any day, baby 1 on the way.  And here I am.  A creative business chap.  Creative, Humble, Simple.  See, it even works backwards!

Finishing the Little Sumpin’ Lagunitas gem, thinking of what I would do right now if I were in a hotel, night before a lecture somewhere.  Depend on what time the lecture was, I guess.  But I know me…  I’d write.  I’d have some wine but not too much as I need to be volcanic, seismic, cosmic when I’m speaking—  Just thought, should I add “positive” to my slogan, or mantra, or meditation, or brand?  (UGH, hate all those words.)  Sure.  I need to, as everything I write from here on is with students and readers in mind, not just myself as I used to have in my head when writing.  So, am I a teacher?  No, just an idea offerer.  The college has me with the whole “instructor” title.  Distracted now by thoughts of my little boy, if he’s sick, how that will affect the term’s beginning.  I don’t care.  Family always foremost, the premier priority in my progression.  All this business I do is for them.  So, was that 500 words for the students, or for my career, for me, and by extension my family?  Maybe all.  We’ll see.