Tomorrow’s the ‘half’.  “Water to wine”. 

No wine tonight obviously, and I can only hope we sleep better than we did last night.  After this post I’ll be upstairs, in bed.  Alarm set for 5:30, I plan on leaving at 6:15, latest.  This will be the race that defines me as a writer and blogger of running and fitness.  Heard the course is gorgeous, so I’m excited.  AND, I’m just excited to do a race, an official run where my time will be posted somewhere, running with other runner. I’m disappointed I can’t stay for the afterparty and activities, but I have an event at the winery and I’m excited about working a full day after starting my morning with 13.1 miles.  Tomorrow’s going to change everything, as a runner and writer, father and teacher—  This entry is the last you’ll read of this me.