Now Understood

img_5682“We’re living people’s bucket list,” Deb said.  And I agree.  Driving here this morning I thought of ways to even further dive into wine’s story, collectively and individually addressing as many sovereign components as I can.  Like this morning with my vineyard walk, finally tasting that Clone 809 Chardonnay right off the vine.  Then the Cabernet— well, didn’t taste the Cab but I looked at it, closely and from far away and there were a couple minutes there where I didn’t take pictures or shoot any video, I just was.  I stood, breathed, meditated and appreciated where I was, where I am everyday.  It’s true what Deb said, people, millions I’m sure, wish they could have their day-to-day be what mine, Deb’s, my sister’s, and others in the industry or just living in wine country is.

Now, clouds have burned off, and the temperature rises slightly but not enough to put anyone off.  The day wants wine country to be seen, and I sit here at the desk that’s my station during the week, and enjoy some quiet before going back into the tasting room.  Oh, and I don’t mind the frenzy and back-and-forth of the tasting room— honestly, I more than thrive on it.  I’m addicted to it.  As a writer, it’s nearly too much, hearing what people say about the wines and how in love they are with the view.  Honestly, it’s too much sometimes.  Often I’ll think to myself, “Wait, so do I write about that… or what that other person said?” Have only poured for one couple so far today, early thirty-somethings from the city.  They like the same wines for the most part, but one, the girl, bought three whereas the guy bought two.  Only difference, she liked the AV Cab where as he only went with the SB and Zin.  Everyone connects with something different when it comes to wine, and the universe around the tasting room, out there in the vineyard.  Like I said in this morning’s video, I feel like I have to be in the vineyard, everyday, just a short walk at the very least.  Again, how many out there wish they could have a morning at work as I did this morning— breakfast in this cottage with the vineyard vista.  This isn’t just Sonoma nostalgia, it’s a writer’s reflective and ardent candor.  Just who he is, surrounded by visuals that others wish for, that others hope someday they can at the very least visit for a couple days.  I see it and write about it everyday.

Not much time left on lunch so I type quicker and I’m colluding taking the long walk back to the tasting room, so I can see those clusters again…  The soil, be out there and smell the air before returning to pouring.  No wine for me today since I have the ‘Water to Wine’ half-marathon tomorrow morning, but this puts me in a more optimal observational stationing.  Listen to what they say… They’re finally here, so write about that awe, write their reactions for them, paginate the moment the wine hits their senses.