7/24/16 — Could not be having a better day

even if I truly tried. But why would I. I’m content where I am, at a fruitful and productive Equilibrium, taking my lunch break in the cottage where my desk is but not writing at my desk, rather at the big table in the middle of the house, before taking a vineyard walk when I reach minute 10, meaning ten minutes left in break. Owe this project six pages counting today’s three. Not sure how that’s meant to or will transpire, but I’ll try. No— no try, just DO. And no wine tonight. Tomorrow I’m set for at least 10 miles, launching at early hour (hoping for 5:20, for first pavement touch). Wines taste amazing here today, each one, even all the Zins which for me is saying something as I’m not much a Zin chaser. The Zins here are effulgent and self-personifying, brilliant, all of them, I’m simply not one who chases Zin as a varietal, anymore. But Dutcher has opened my eyes and shared with me different interpretive proclivity with the funny type.
Little over 9 minutes left to write, be free in my creative mode and composition. So many ask me how I could do this, “I don’t know how you do that…” they say, and I understand, how I could forego eating for writing, walking the vineyard and taking video and still shots. I see their point. But one must see mine— I’m trying to tell a story. MY story is the father who wants to work, provide a certain life for his babies and wife through what he loves. Writing, running, wine, teaching… Composite of fervor with meditative edges. Profitable Zen… and I’m not some money-grubbing or hungry profit hound like some Republican presidential hopefuls I know (don’t want to type any TRUMP names…). I just want to provide the most amazing life for my family as I’m able, and maybe have a little fun creating in the process. My writings will always come back to my babies, you’ll find. Not sure how I got here conversation-wise but I’m here, sharing my forwards and creative impulses… need a bite of chips, on the kitchen island behind me… Decided on carrots from the fridge instead.
Time for my vineyard walk… in the heat… good. Will help the grapes come to their ripened rile and state. Today’s motivating constituents are unbelievable, frankly. One day I’ll have my own vineyard and winery like Debra— share my love of wine and Sonoma County, share positive, non-pretentious energies will everyone walking through my doors. But the writing needs to happen first.
Time to move.. out to the sun. Let the vines speak to me, gift me more story.
Today is that “awesome day” that I’ve been wanting for the past 5 years… Stunning, loving, prodigious. Where do I go now, to the vineyard as I said, but so willing to be taught more, on writing, on the propulsion, more than mere motivation or inspiration, or even collection— a defined assembly of Personhood. Out there. With the rows.