Chance to write today.  Jackie waking early from fever, hours later taking him to doctor.  Told me, or us, to just wait it out.  Alice’s birthday and I want to make it, all facets, enjoyable and a day where she doesn’t have to worry about a thing.  But I’m worried about time, writing enough and having the blog do something, me still obsessing over audience, and I thought while driving on Piner, back to the Autumn Walk studio: that maybe the audience is ME— 30-something father of two, writing and wanting more, wanting a business of his own, to live and sell and write about wine as well as everything else that interests him.  Just keep writing, reflecting and circulating in your dreams and wishes— and maybe this blog is for just that, the dream.  Everyone who has a certain vision of themselves, for themselves.  That just wants more, that wants to be that autonomous self-employed character.

Jackie on couch, watching a cartoon.  The horrible rain or “storm” that was predicted hasn’t shown even a grain of its identity outside.  Huh… maybe that’s ‘cause it doesn’t exist.  Sensationalizing, again.

Jackie wanting me to sit with him and I tell him I have a bit of work to do, and I do right?  This collection here at the kitchen counter/island.. all put into the blog, the “bottle” of bottledaux.  The revelation and sight from the other day remains, so that has to mean it’s something I’m to do, with which follow through.

The laptop, everything that’s in here, content and writing-wise, MUST be inventoried.  I’m always telling students to organize and inventory their notes and scribbles, standalone pieces.. time to practice what is perpetually preached.

1 – blog work; social media strategy; wine selling ideas; budget/finances; workspace at home.