…bitterness.  Not singularizing myself to adjunctdom.  I do other things, several other worlds I engage in and not just for sakes of paying my bills and feeding my kids, but for life, happiness, peace.  That old world of pleasure and enjoyment of which several adjuncts deprive themselves.  Sometimes several years in, other only a couple semesters on the CV.

The power is with us, not Them; the “Them”, be it department chairs or administrators, the college president or chancellor or Führer, anyone.  We decide how happy we are, and how chained we want to be.  And, I’m only now understanding this, ten years in, just before 37, so don’t take this as a lecture, or even some reassurance.  I’m just sharing what I’ve finally learned, what I’m finally seeing.

I love teaching, and I love even the early English 5 class I have this term that meets at 7:30AM, and the later class I have from 4-6, an English 1A.  I love all classes, and all times, all campuses, but I have to now define and be definite, specify what it is I truly want, and what I need for the life quality of my life and my family’s.  And there’s another realization quite recent…