excerpt 2/7/16

…the Cab we dubbed MKCS, citing how the chem numbers look good and she tells her coworkers in production, after being teased about the timespan in bbl, “It’s an experiment.. we’re making the longest-aged Cabernet in history,” she said, or something like that last night as we tasted the ’00 Montebello.  And that wine, having me think is so many directions, defying Philosophical linearity and geometric convention, anything from the textbook, and this freewrite’s meant to be free and written but not, typed yes but more a meditation getting me closer to the desired Wellness place, that place where I write better and deliver to readers my dogmatic adherence to my word counts, standalone pieces.. my students and wined visions, this laptop and the Carpe journal.

No wishlisting today, just doing.. and now, COFFEE— for the growling beatnik here on Plaza Street, watching tourist across the street walking then going down that alley toward Bravas when equal with this building.  And this building— French bistro attempted aesthetic with dusty, grimy, dingy smatters in certain corners, and a bit on main floor (always making me pull the broom from that musty abhorred closet).  Thought about igniting some music, but decided again, love the sounds of zooming cars I can’t see and horn blares from the Avenue, that smell of rich Mexican dishes next door at El Farolito—  Still no coffee but I feel’s thought I’ve made vanish several liters of it— okay, now, finally coffee.

The cup, smoldering, angrily, dumped an orchard’s worth of cinnamon, see the dusty puddle atop when I remove lid to equalize temperature.  Walking back to the tasting room, I’m reminded wildly of why and how much I vocally love Healdsburg.  My new Paris— my Sonoma-Paris.  In the gazebo at the Square itself, man playing violin, people enjoying coffees on benches in front of the bakery/creamery, the other shops.  “Is Sunday becoming my favorite day,?” I thought.  Healdsburg shows and instructs me on Zen more purposefully and pervasively that a textbook or website.  These thousand words, my instruction to Self…