Project A

In tasting room and giving my Self the five hours I’m here to do something, WRITE something, that will change my life, get me significantly closer to the Road, and that professor I want my students to have.  Budget… $0.  Not spending any more money to further my writing/blogging/entrepreneurial aims.  No one in room, not many on square, from what I saw.  But interestingly enough I had to park two — no, THREE— blocks away.

Music playing in the Sanglier Room, and definitely helping.. embracing this as my momentary idea studio, drawing board dock if you would.  No need for coffee.. the ideas are enough to keep my heart in a rapid sped BPM.

4 hrs 43 mins remaining.  Take a picture, I think to myself.. think about yesterday, the semester’s first meetings, the students I’ve already started speaking to.  Past students from other terms; Cooper, Emilio, Paula, Lila… time won’t stop for me so neither I for it.

I will acquire IT, my IT, regardless of what time intends.