In the morning…

It’s always a rush and a hurry, flurry, tornado sight and actions executed–  now, I’m dressed and ready for launch, while Jackie refuses to move, he has to complete his show before dressing.. usual story and assembly of realities.

Had a thought just now, while upstairs brushing teeth and struggling to find a pressed pants pair:  posting to blog and forgetting about the piece is worse than doing so with something scribbled to paper.  And why.. ‘cause at least the forgotten paper is tangible, the physical, actual and holdable.  The blog post is just a screen.. just a screen.  Not visible, tangible– no holding the screen you click on to read.  So today, I collect pages– and at a book signing, you don’t sing the screen, you don’t bring it up on some overhead– I mean, I guess you could, but that’s not what I would do, that’s not me, not even microscopically.

Jackie started to climb me, behind my back handing over my shoulder and breathing in my ear, distracting me, making me a laugh a bit and pulling my concentration from the writing.. I need to be here, on this yes I know VIRTUAL page.  But when printed, it’s actual.