Race Racing – Wine Oh

This morning, a day off, no winery just time devoted to grading papers or at least that’s my plan.  Jackie has more energy this morning and pride in everything he does than I’ve ever seen. I envy him.  Or am I jealous?  Not sure what it is but I wish I were more like him as a writer, just play and see what happens and be faithful in whatever you, I, do.

Studied the Selby Merlot last night and even more evened than the night prior; better integrated alcohol and a more concerted intention about all its facets and flavors.  What I would do: not let the alc get so high, and less new French Oak, and for longer, top with more oak’d Merlot– that is to say the Merlot I use to top the primary barrels would see more visible oak integration.  And would I blend anything else into it?  CS?  CF?  PV?  Malbec?  Not sure.. where would I get it?  All in winemaking, or much either way, is determined by budget.  But where the winery will be build, in the timed sequence of my visions, I’ll be of more means having sold the startup and mmc at greater altitude.

Whatever I wind up doing today I need get closer to my office, in downtown Healdsburg– oh, which reminds me I need to look in my cellar for something.. right back…..

Found what I needed and rearranged certain parcels of the closet and my little wine collection.  In theIMG_8855 dream house, purchased by the startup and mmc, I’ll have a more extensive cellar.  Not one of the ones crafted for boasting, but just one I can enjoy and be proud of.  I’ve had a couple people visit wineries that insist I see pictures of their cellar, on phone, ready for show.  And they’re quick to show.  Why?  What reaction do you want?  The only reaction I want would be from me.  And maybe a bit from family– I’d walk through the little halls with Mom, Dad, Katie, and survey certain bottles and pop a couple at tasting stations I’d set up.  Just for tasting.  No bragging.  Just fun and family–

Ugh, grading papers.  I could be adding content to the new blog/startup and doing work for clients.  Uploaded the video last night of Glenn at the crush pad talking about the Cabernet he brought in.  Just watching the grapes in that “must pump” reminds me I’m a winemaker, studying, and that’s where I need put all energies.. and I am, I will– I am.  Last night with my study of the Chard and Merlot, and the tasting Kevin and I did at the Valdez room, more and more telling me I need to be completely autonomous in my relationship with wine and be in a position where I have TOTAL crEATive control.

And on with the day, nothing slowing or discouraging me only propulsion–  And write for my life like I always have..  thinking of my relationship with wine and wine’s story and voice.. content content content and all for ME.