writer’s lognoblog


Writing at Yulupa Starbucks, unexpected day off with Solano shut down due to a “water main” IMG_8573breaking, whatever that is or what that means.  In a moment, I’ll return to designing the website, and the vvv project..  I’ll work here till about 11 then go to Oliver’s for lunch, then home to write some more for Mike Madigan, Author.  More and more clients come through the doors and I won’t let any stress find me.  All grading done yesterday at SRJC in conference room.  No wine last night so I move with special speed, speed you don’t see from many writers.  Back in a moment–  have to remember to post this.. think I mist a day’s writing, or forgot about it, rather, a couple days a go.  But I’ll find it, and I’ll post it.. post everything and put everything out there.. just as winemakers forget about not a gallon of their juice I forget about not a single sentence from my scribbled or typed streamings.

This morning, such energy from the writer and such momentum and confidence, I do attribute some of that to the coffee, but much to this luck touch that rarely finds Mike Madigan.  I’ve found that when things like this arise, they miss me.  In fact this nearly did, with me yesterday receiving a message saying classes would resume today.  Then a message from a friend, also an adjunct at SCC, telling me classes are closed till 12, just 30 mins before mine.  THEN…  another email saying classes closed till 2.  THEN…..  A message today saying all classes cancelled.  That school apparently hasn’t deciphered certain common sense dimensions.  My re-immersion to the “faculty” and to the campus has been anything but euphonious, or smooth.  And with my daughter nearing her arrival, I will be closer.  But this I’ve said before…

Last night, seeing M2 under Alice’s skin, responding to light movements and our voices, all three of us in the room– me, Kerouac and Alice.