In adjunct office, cleaning up

desktop and notes for mmc.  Sipping an iced coffee, thinking about tomorrow’s meeting and everything I want– oh!  Have to make a call!

Call made, and yet another lead for mmc.  My mood elevated.  Doing everything to speed the relevance and power of my business and get me to my office.  4:55PM, and I’m not in much mood to “teach”, but I’ll amplify my attitude, somehow.  Have to get back to cleaning this laptop.  Such a mess, the desktop, and my head with all these ideas for mmc.  This morning, on the drive to the winery, turning right onto Wohler, I nearly pulled over, so overwhelmed and stifled by my thoughts, nearly pulling over to that vineyard at the Eastside Rd. intersection and scribbling the thoughts I later did.  I’m ready to go full with this, though, the crEATive animal in me.  But now, I just want to rest.  If I were only writing, I would be thinking about getting home, seeing Alice and little Kerouac, and soon M2.  Not much exciting about me at the moment.  Maybe I just need a break, watch something, some documentary or video on crEATive advertising..

Thinking of writing one of my prospects a letter, no more than 300 words.. detailing my advertising philosophy and approach and what we could do, bla bla bla.. blablablablabla……..

This coffee not doing much, or maybe it is, or maybe it’s just my attitude.  Which isn’t low, just indecisive about what I’ve decided upon, my life’s direction with these prospective clients and the ideas.. this great consolidation that I’ve thought about for so many years and only now at 36 am possibly pulling off.

Soon I won’t have to come to this adjunct office.  I’ll have my own, a crEATive advertising and sales, media and marketing boutique in downtown Healdsburg.  And full composed and content in my new reality; more money and better life-quality for my family.  And this is precisely the passion and confidence I will share with clients.