And the day’s over.  I beat Monday,

but not by much I’l concede.  The morning was trying but I made it to the winery ontime, cuz of the mother-in-law, Cathy, with her calculated speediness and respect for my work array.  Then, later, my buddy Lalo showing up to close for me, and do some blind tasting with the writer, an ’07 Pinot from Oregon?  If remember rightly…

My terrific mother, messaging me to go to bed, her 36 y/o son, she still loves me and always has and always will and still shows she’s something not of the mundane by any means; she still moves and inspires me, my most riled reader, commenting on nearly everything I post and will forever be in the margins to coach my prose– loyal, and I’m thankful but I don’t think that’s enough.  And now, with my son asleep upstairs and M2 on the way, I’m more motivated to consolidate, put everything in this Ox’s Bottle, simplify for the wayward of my writings, for my career, to pay for my children’s college…

Look at me, 36, and admitting this on the blog: I’m nervous to post this, as Mom will know I’m still awake.. but I’m writing, doing what I love and– heard J…..


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