wine thought 2

IMG_6657And on the red or white question I always answer both.  Be closed off to anything, why?  Why not be open and then decide?  My sister’s a winemaker, and she used to say she didn’t like Pinot.  Simple, plain.  And now she makes one of the most well-arranged and sculpted Pinots I’ve ever sipped.  So…  Always say yes, then formulate a well-thought opinion or perception.  Not that wine has to be over-thought, but there should be some thought, right?  Oh and Pinot, maybe I’m saying yes too much.  Maybe I should go back to Cabernet and with her run away– what if I.. what if I…  There needs to be more exploration for wine and this writer, so I can be in position to yell yes, more.  More travel, more removed corks, more blending, more blind tasting, more journey and just throwing Self to wine; more Education and Self-Education.. more Roaming–