Une Langue Pour Moi

And that is, yes, French, and my city, and going back eventually.  Right now I’m eating a breakfast sandwich on a croissant, I think from Costco.  Rather tasty, if you want to know the truth.  But I want Paris, my streets and sounds and musique, la belle musique that surrounds me when I stroll, when Alice and I went for our mochas.  So on the drive to Arista.. French.  And not just the accordion-driven songs, but the words, the language, what draws me that romance.

Tomorrow’s plan: wake 4:30, run for an hour, home then write.  Then coffee (I will buy some on the drive home today), then to work to French, music and maybe one of those podcasts I found.  There’s a certain me I wheel to be.  And I’m almost there.  I will have my children have a father that’s multidimensional, confident, and never of lowered reflux.  I know what I’m doing, finally.. en fin!  Je me sens merveilleusement bien!