Finally, writing freely.

Drafts for articles submitted.  But only a couple minutes to type.  Have to go home, shower, then rush to campus to prep for class.  This day, one that tried me but I’m quite comfortable saying, “I won.” Next step, finish the last part of the novel I touched, and some short fiction, and another “track”.  Or poem.  Wish I could take a nap.  But no, I don’t.  I wouldn’t be writing then.  Not at all.  I see a police office walk into the café.  He looks unusually relaxed for an officer, not the mean type, just a guy doing his job and he has a couple seconds to spare for a coffee break.  “Good for him,” I think, nearly say, but I wouldn’t be able to tell how loud if I did say it to myself, with these earphones in.

Feels so lovely, and loving, to finally freewrite, write for myself and not some simplistic tourist script.  I think I might start one of my own, for people visiting, another blog yes but this one with more focus and direction– thinking big, for the world, for people loving wine and Napa/Sonoma, and anything associated with this area and culture.

2:53–  so I should leave, right?  Get ready for class, take a shower.. ugh, can’t I just relax?  No, not someone like me, not with this ambition.  So this new blog.. let’s plan… wine, resources, interviews, insight, new releases…  Food and Wine… information, resources and resources and visuals.. so where do I start?  How ‘bout Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar?  Like that Mutineer piece I did years ago?  So many ideas in my head, can’t stop them, but I see more for myself than just pouring wine and slaving as an adjunct–  At least I have my students.  How they ground me.  focus on them, making them proud, showing them that you can DO as well as teach.