Wrote a few hundred words

last night in Massamen novel, not much but I didn’t write formally at my keys all day, and I don’t why typing is any more formal than actually writing but…..  Not thinking too well as neither I nor Ms. Alice well slept.  Jackie woke several times only finally fall into firm sleep somewhere around 4.  It’s 6:43 right now and I would kill for coffee.  Will get some at some point today, for the house, if I can.  Class tonight.. know just what I’m doing.. not sure we’ll be there all 2 hours and however many minutes– and how does the school figure that time?  I know, the units and the weeks we have to accomplish whatever the outline says we’re to produce, but how do they know?  And where do they get that word count in the course outline?  And, who are ‘they’?  Just what’s on my mind this morning– a fly beating itself against the rear glass door to the patio.. it wants out.. and I want out, of any regularity or plainness.. if, or when, I leave the winery early today, I’ll go to Healdsburg Square to write and finalize Syllabus.. just made a few notes to, but I want to minimize the emphasis on the syllabus and how that;s the only Truth for the semester, and how some professors call it a “contract”… that;s just clownish and I take my communication with students incredibly seriously, as you know.

Jackie still asleep.  6:52– I’ll go up in a bit to check on him, try to ready him as quick as I can, get both of our days started and me to my writings for tonight… I’ll follow Kerouac through his first chapter of Road and deliver students the ideas that should magnetize them and mean something; the universal and enriching topics and subtopics and consistencies in such a text.  And in other Adjunct news: heard back from Solano, but nothing solid (response to email I sent to 3 schools); nothing from Mendo or SSU.  But like my mother said a while ago, “Forget Mendocino.” Agreed.  That was not a positive experience for me and it compromised my performance at SRJC, which is my hub, my base, where I remain teaching, if only one class when the writing lends itself as I foresee.

I hope, HOPE, to have the novel done at some point in Summer Term.. all to this novel, then I write in work log, andif I have spare SPARE time, I’ll write a short, or short-short, or poem/track as I did last night.  Hear Jackie moving, I think.. he could just be waking only to fall back to sleep as I often do.

Did 15 pushups this morning, hope to do more throughout day, want to get into a shape I’ve never envisioned for myself; running and lifting and swimming, even!  Like my winemaking friend David in Napa.. completely changed himself.. good for him, now I the like enact.