12:06AM, up writing like this I haven’t  

 done in a while, but I was working on the wine blog assignments I landed through Shana.. and no, I’m not giving up on them. If anything, this is a door to something, my key to the Road, to travel and to write my observations; the new views from hotel rooms and new wineries and wine regions, and all my characters coming with me!
The heat today, abhorrent. It’s still quite warm. Poor little Kerouac sweating in his little bed, but with that new fan flowing to him, the one Dad and Mom bought for his room. I hope to be up early tomorrow morning, writing for my articles as the outlines are due tomorrow night, then I have to start formally drafting.. I’ll work from the SRJC office, and won’t stop till I’m all but ready to submit.. I will call the companies about which I’m typing and reporting and will have them give me their “side” of things, their perspective on what they do and why they do it..

12:10. Should be in bed, or at least go upstairs in 5 minutes. But I want to look at these hotels some more, the ones in Napa, the “dog-friendly” ones. And I want to look at pictures of Hotels in Carmel, Monterey, Santa Barbara, San Diego… Portland! Something about a hotel in this research, the concept of a hotel and what they are for and how they go to such lengths to make their guests comfortable and, some, more content than in their own homes. And how a writer like me would write differently if I were in a room now, on my balcony, sipping some ridiculously chilled Sauvignon Blanc to this stubborn blaze of an atmosphere.

10:03PM… Deep into the wine tonight, finishing the Sangio I opened Sunday with a co-worker. Worked part of an even tonight. And tonight, should be submitting the outlines for my articles, and they are prepared, but I don’t want to send them as I am… note from the other day: guy mispronouncing so many winery names, like Moshin as “MOW-sown”.. and Rochiolii as “Rick-iolo”, and Arista as “Ayr-isto”. Can only laugh, and part of me thinks I should but I do, and I sip this red knowing I don’t know what’s to happen in the future near. And honestly, I could give a fuck about what the industry wants me to do and how it’d want me to act– how did Jack do it, submitting and finishing his novel so impaired? I’m not even what I would consider drunk and I’m only in the mood to watch these Entourage reruns. I’m not impressed nor inspired by the show, and I wish I had coffee– the event I worked tonight was only a timesuck, not doing anything for me specifically, I can’t touch the keys usefully..

In the Hopper Starbucks. Submitted my outlines to the publisher/editors.. see how they respond. In the meantime, I need to return to my literary projects, the MOCK SOMM articles.. ‘yrownjoy’… everything that’s truly MY writing. But I’m quite pleased I’m doing this, this blog writing for the wine sites.. everything I do has to be wine-related in some way so I can stay in that wine journalist/writer character.. and this SBUX, busy as ever, as I’ve ever seen it anyway. And so funny to think, this is where I ran into my blogging/writing friend Shana that one day, saw her working, then shortly after decided to note her about possible work for hire– the story intended that, to bring her, my dear friend Shana, back into my life, to help my writing and the story itself.
A little slow from the wine I had last night. Didn’t think I had that much, just a glass of SB and the rest of that Sangio, if you can believe it. It held quite well against the invasion of oxygen, I must say, that Italian Red-that-would.. oh this coffee and this morning and the crowds invading this Starbucks just up the street from the Autumn Walk base!
Had a bit of a scuffle with tech a bit ago, had to email my work to the editors/publisher, rather than upload it to Hubspot.. goddamn our reliance on tech and how it takes time from the writing– should just write on paper from here out and whatever I decide to transfer and translate to typed whatever is then its own.. whatever. I can’t concentrate now, too much on mind and in sight– prep for the semester and write more of these articles, finish the novel and continue the MOCK SOMM column.. in fact, going to upload that Chardonnay piece I never had a chance to–

And the writer is on more than just a simple “roll” this A.M.! I’m fiercely motivated, just having posted the newest MS article to bottledaux. And now I have to ready Self to leave.. 9:58, but Im right by the freeway, so I’ll depart at 10:10, and not a second beyond.. today I write everything, EVERYONE, and more of the everything’s.. like I told Tome yesterday whilst we just stood behind that goddamn counter outside, “I want to talk less and write more.” So today’s emblematic of such.
Want to explore the Oregon wine zones. And soon. And write about them for the blog clients. And for my novel. The coffee now makes it harder to concentrate, think I drank this Venti too fast, fuck– what was I talking about? Look above, oh.. Oregon, of course, why not, why not go up there and write and then from there maybe the Finger Lakes? Oh the Wine Blogger’s Conference! Maybe.. but what about class. Goddamn the adjunct cage. See what it does? This is just my problem! OUR problem as adjuncts, they give us nothing, no full-time post but just enough a course load to completely fuck up whatever it can fuck up. I feel like David Sedaris this morrow.. not mad I just want it to be heard, how I feel and what I notice and what’s being done to us.. I hope to, in Fall, only have 1 class, and these blog assignments and the pages ‘for my own joy’ will free me! No more adjunct cage, then the Adjunct War will be over. And forever. Done. FREE! In my pages and my children will have that father I’ve envisioned–