Finished a rough rough draft

of the MOCK SOMM article, now I have to get ready for a day in the tasting room.. will write the outlines for the pieces at work.. or at least points, very broad points.. Research on other websites I’ll conduct mostly at home, though.. but here I see myself becoming more serious a writer than I’ve ever been with these articles– sharp and premeditated and predator-like.. hunting for time.. 9:10.. have to be on Road in 15.. have 4-shot mocha at left.. no wine all day or tonight, I can’t afford to be slowed even slightly..

Jazz in the morning– coffee and words and poetry and knowing that finally I have a break with the writing, or at least I think I do– not getting too happy but am. I’m a Hunter S. imitator this morning, going into the “facts” but with an inviting Gonzo edge– 10 minute marker coming, a rushed morning for the writer, nothing new.. so go, GO! And follow the Hutcherson tempo and sounds.. jazz, everything about me.. JAZZ!