A day rather long

but educational altogether with certain wine specificities and the notes I earlier jotted, calling the ’13 RRV Pinot “cholerically seductive”. And it is, was, and working the event, seeing how everything evolves, not that I want to travel too far into that facet, but I just wanted the observation of it all, the experience and the moments.. driving that HummerIMG_6179 golfcart, if that’s what you’d call it, back and forth from the pavilion… But more on my wine/story story tomorrow, and that’s one facet I traveled through today, jotting notes while leaning against the Hummer by the gate, or just up the driveway and off to the left as Taylor instructed to keep watch of the gate and any potential latecomers; I don’t want my own wine label, I want my own, and will have my own, wine STORY’. All being condensed into this bottle, the Bottled Ox; my story and exploration and capturings of anything wine. And tomorrow I’ll go on a run through wine country, on Westside Road– don’t worry, I’ll be fine, I’ll be more cautious than I’ve ever been.

Ready for sleep but I need to wake at 5 or earlier, and not go to bed– or back to bed once I wake, just write, about anything wine; the story the visual that “fantasy” that tourists seek, and part of me doesn’t have a clue what that is– the fantasy? No fantasy for me, no make-believe, it’s quite vibrantly tangible, and immediate, near and impending. It’s wine and it’s me, and it’s LIFE–
hear a dog barking somewhere on the Autumn Walk drag, but not sure where. And I walk like it’s Autumn, like the weather calms and the breeze is renewing and narrative with its revolutions and tint. Meditate before more…..