work log, 5/25/15 (2)

Just wrote over 2,000 words at this café.. can’t remember the name. And I’m right here. Weird I know. A bit fatigued from my typing tantrum, this coffee. No wine tonight.. just get to page 23. On 22 now. Tired. Not in the mood to write anymore and the couple behind me’s talking louder and louder, at least the girl is….. And now she’s crying. And now I’m leaving.

Now done, I think. How did I meet my goal, already? Wrote 2,000+ words at the café. Now I’m home and sipping my ’12 Merlot and thinking about my character and what his wine will taste like. Now I think, was it 23 or 24 I was shooting for? There has to be an end, I have to have an end, a goal, and not to just keep writing and writing. I need a bound book, a finished product as they say. This continual blog maintenance is lunacy! Winemakers have their end aim, the fruition, why can’t I? I will. Let’s just call it 23 for the day, no? Have to get to– no, I think I’m done for the day, to be honest.. Jackie still with cough, may keep him home tomorrow but I’m not totally sure, and if I do not as much writing will get done, AND I have to grade those goddamn papers. Something my character knows about quite well as is much the reason he’s moving back to Sonoma and pursuing wine and wine blogging and writing about wine and the wine he’s to make. I know, how Kerouac of me, but that’s all I know and all I have, my life as material.

Just added a couple sentences, actually just one long, to novel. Page goal by 6/14/15: 300 pages. That will be most difficult to hit but I have to.. again, a winemaker can’t just let her fruit sit, not rack, not sample not taste not treat. There has to be motion.. so till 6/14, only writing in the novel and this work log. No journaling, no short stories (less it’s for the novel), and no freewriting. I’m jailing my Self in this novel. In fact, this entry has gone on too long–