work log, 5/25/15

Onto page 20.. also posted a wine review to blog, but I see so much for this character, his decisions and what he wants to build and how he’s to build it. The young lady yesterday, just out of med school with her dad in the TR tasting wines and celebrating the time before 6 years or so of training. I’ll type more later, and no wine.. found that last night that one glass, the last, of the Meritage, very much slowed me. So none tonight.. only sparkling and or still water.
I make another cup this morning and this about Mass’ and what’s he’s to do next, which is far as I can tell is move back to Sonoma from Livermore and re-start his life, all to wine and writing about wine with his new blog and see where it takes him. Again, from that young doc yesterday in the room, definitely younger than me which makes me think and not so optimistically– I need to be drastic with my written action and I need to see fruitful and currency’d results. Now, my son over there on the couch watching his cartoons and I’m over here typing like a fool– This has to produce something, hundreds of somethings, so many somethings.
Goal: page 23, just two lines on that page, which shouldn’t be at all painful or a stretch if I can carry and continue to execute this energy and loftiness through day, or after day, after the day in the TR.

I’m seeing as he does, Mr. Massamen, and thinking if I were him what else I’d want. We’re obviously very similar but starkly contrasted.. he doesn’t have children nor is he married, so there’s not much keeping him in singular locale.. so ….. think like that, like him, like I’m not me but still a little of me.