Swift simulacrum this morning,

nothing simulated about this.. near page 3 in the day’s 3 for the novel, upon which I swore on my son that I’d finish, completely finalized by 5/29. Alice out for a walk with her friend and I’m here on the floor writing after two cups and with a paining knee. Going to have to refrain from runs for a while. Fine.. then I swim. I love the water and the other day, Monday I think, when I got in the water for the first time in years I felt like an explorer, finding new belonging and kinship with the waves.
Should be slower today than yester’ but who knows. I’ll taste that other Zin today.. start my own campaign, a Zin push in a Pinot house.. thrive in my defiance.. watch…….
Jackie, especially energetic this morning like his writing father and he watches cartoons then plays with toy, forth and back and diagonally again. I love it, just watching.
8:21.. hope Alice gets home soon so I can shower and ready for the day. Tomorrow I should be able to get the 3 pages checked off early, right after I take Jackie to school.
Money.. always on mind.. so I write more, do nothing– no assignment of effort or anything gratis.
Blog everything today.. pictures, notes, share everything.. don’t worry about “tags”.. just post.. you can tag later.. need these affirmations.. determined and angry with this stress over money and how it suffocates me.. no more. Today I’m building something that overshadows it.