Massamen Novel excerpt 1 (draft)

No time to really do anything this morning. Just dropped off Jack, for Jim as he had a meeting in San Jose about something, something connected to some website he wants to start. And I sit here in the small nook in this small kitchen of this small apartment and rush-drink my coffee before having to get to the shower, then run another errand before heading to the Russian River winery. No time, no time.. I hope I get this, all this, right before dotage, but who knows. The coffee cools itself and I think of the PhD again and taking more assignments as an adjunct next term, truly fighting the Adjunct War in the way I want. And my first lecture in Summer, on what, WHAT, what should it be. Thinking I should have it grounded in some idea outside the text, well, any text. Maslow’s Hierarchy, a possibility. Craig, the former chair told me he was doing something to that dosage, and has been for a while, on the first day of every semester explaining to the students the importance of assignments and how it all, ALL, boils down– or breaks down– comes down to a choice.
So now I watch the clock fade again.. 20 minutes exactly to compose myself but then I think maybe I shouldn’t write. Maybe I should enjoy some reading to this coffee, some quiet before the day actually starts and I have to work and I have to be “professional”, impress guests and have them charmed in my wine spell. The schedule accosts me, the schedule of the semester and Time itself and the winery. I remember in ‘Road’ Ponzo I think kept saying ‘mañana, mañana’, no work today.. something around that idea. And that’s how this morning should be, I should take a break from the lecture writing and just enjoy the quiet of my apartment and not think of turning 36 in 1 month, 26 days or whatever it is at this point. The coffee again, deep emotional sip and connection, better.
The PhD.. what should I do? Yes I’m thinking about it again and if I should do it and what the hell would it do for me, and how nice it would look after my name, and how cool it would be to have ‘Dr.’ before Mike Massamen. No reasoning, I reason, no sound or cemented reasoning anyway. Not at all what I want. All that time in class, all that movement in a library for some assignment, for some professor who very well could be about my age or just a bit older, or younger. And the loop for six years (estimated time of total program completion). No thanks, no.. I’m with what I want and need to get what I truly want. I just need ideas, books, ideas from those books, ideas stemming from Life elements outside the books, and revolving, always revolving. I’ll be a new type of adjunct, one they all admire and fear.