journal, 3/23/15

just some thoughts before going back to class tomorrow: lecture alongside authors; write before 7AM section, post to blog; idea at stoplight today, corner of 12 & Mission: put all on blog.. all, All… ALL!! And, pack light! I wouldn’t have left this laptop at Arista yesterday if I wouldn’t have brought it in the first..
Mentally, stay in the classroom.. students and their journals and the last week of term which approaches..
Looking at that house, in Windsor, makes me think of money, and I hate that. Consolidation.. consolidation…
Now with Jackie away and watching him play and thinking of that house and reading an article a minute a go about entrepreneurism and other related topics, I have to keep moving even when I feel slow or think I’m slowing.. I’ll stay at main campus tomorrow for a bit then go to PC. And both lectures will have the students only motivated.. bringing Plath entries and will read from the John Updike Paris Review interview.. the Faulkner one as well.
Jackie’s playing like nothing in the world is wrong and there’s no such thing as a concern. I’ll be the same, as I always say I will but this time actually do so.. driving back from Oliver’s (picking up sandwiches for Alice and I), I thought about jazz, as a concept and principle and study; and behavior pattern, for writing.. the prose I want to put to paper can’t be rehearse and my teaching has to incorporate similar sequencing. I know the conventionals, conventional or ‘orthodox’ instructors, won’t agree. And I hope they don’t! The ultimate aim here is to be away from and not at all dependent upon the machine. For anything. So keep moving, I tell myself, and keep writing and keep with the ideas and novels and random scribbles; and I won’t be too consumed with order as my form or “style” as Vonnegut puts is one of oddity and anti-order, I guess you’d say.
So, tomorrow’s meetings, the 2nd half of the term, to be sure, are to do it. To get There. And to see the Road, for work, my work, which is words, the stories; the tale of the adjunct taking what’s his and doing what he wants, being the adjunct he wants to be and not what’s rumored or what They expect or mandate in some ridiculous course outline.