8:32PM. One glass tonight.

Red; nightish, musical, voluminous, dedicated. Decided not to run tread tonight as I when I picked up little Kerouac he was so elated to see his father and after what a positive day it was today, in nearly all respects (including the 1B section and the nap when I came home), I elected to stay home with him, wait for Alice to come home from spin.. I’ll go tomorrow, straight from the winery, run for an hour, maybe a little more, then come back home for writing and family, and rest. Forgot my wallet on drive down to PC but when I realized it was too late to go quickly back, so I drove south 101, light fog when I arrived, and no coffee, in fact I haven’t had a cup since the couch sitting earlier. This Washington blend, 2012, I’m sipping, darker than most wines I’ve recently sipped. And I’m lightly familiar with this wine as I worked a campaign for Long Shadows when at the box, but I only tasted a couple of them, this being one. And this bottle obviously influence by Bordeaux-leaning expressions, and has me thinking again of winemaking, having my own label eventually, and why not, why not try? I have a professional winemaker sister! But patience, wait.. writing first, everything else in future. ‘Cause right now I can have whatever I want in the writing, I can be a winemaker in fiction, with my character Krystal, or a pilot, or a doctor– no, as I don’t know that world.. but I can be an adjunct, for sure.. anything, within reason. Write what you know, right? Or that’s what they say, and yes that’s what JK did.. but wine and winemaking will always be in my vision, and right now my winemaking sister is in New York, making sales visits and attending winemaker dinners, I think. Well, right now the little sis sleeps, and she should rest up. So it’s.. what… 12:44AM there. Oh yes, she’s asleep. I most assuredly wouldn’t be able to, I’d pour another glass of this ’12 Pirouette and write from my room, right by the window, looking down at Manhattan. Oak into wine, I think, how much is enough and why let it override the fruit’s expression, ever? Some say the detection or visibility of oak shows or displays the winemaking.. I heard that once, and I was like ‘WHAT?’ NO, it shows OAK! I want to drink more wine, analyze it, consider it as character as I did in ’09 when I first started blogging on mikeslognoblog.. back to that vinoLit approach, that wine is Literature, that it’s always a story, that there’s always a voice of some sort in the glass, in the bottle before it’s poured. Now, my glass stand empty on that cherry coaster of Alice’s. And tomorrow night, one of no wine sipping, but wine research, winemaking study, then a nice bottle Saturday night. What, though? What will I open? May go to St. Francis and buy a few bottles, red and white, open a couple of those, red for me and white for Alice..
And so, I’m on page 5. Finally did it, finally, what so long me took? Tomorrow I WILL make it to the loft to write and I’ll force myself to write more fictively, for the Massamen stories, about being an adjunct, flying on the freeway and not separating from that dream of teaching full-time, writing about his adjunct story.. telling, telling everything, everything about what he and other adjuncts go through.