Didn’t make it to five

yesterday but came close. I’m committed to making today one of the greatest in my collective story.. how though, I have an idea but don’t want to hex it by writing all details here, now.. has to do with teaching, not abandoning it, going forward with it, and finally getting– NO. Stop. Talking to Michael the other day about his doctorate has me– What did I say! No more! But I’m thinking, and the 1A lecture will be written, actually written out, by noon. So I’ll take Kerouac in with me, ‘Road’, and note everything, questions and answers and writing prompts and character insights.. and the issue of Morality, Ethics, civility and communication.. remembering the medical resident I met the other day and how he told me his undergrad was in something not at all med-related. Can’t remember what it was, but I was piqued. Hastened to my drive and image for the day.. Professor Madigan.. sounds fluffy but I very much take to that over one pouring, or “advancing” however you do andorwould in this industry. First step.. my morals, morality, others, Emerson.. Russell. Today, all ideas pyrophoric.