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to teaching blog. Now I start the day with Jack and hopefully can write in the Kenwood lot or overflow. Need some meditation this morning before being behind that goddamn bar all day. What I usually do, write for sanity.. yes, but push envelopes with writing, be more daring– no I hate that word. More animalistic, the only tag can conjure at the moment. Quel soulagement! (What a relief!) Ce est vendredi. (It’s Friday.) But it’s not much soulagement as I work tomorrow, too. But I’ll have myself plenty busy with this new semester and running, getting myself minded for the 26.2 on 5/17 in my birthtown. I’ll be ready, I hope.
Ideas for singular pieces: the fence our “backyard”, or patio — Jack’s blankie — the chalkboard his grandparents bought him.