3:55PM, and I’m up

from nap out of shower and feel reborn.  Took first two pills from prescription and I already feel between 50 & 60% better.  Not sure if my measurement is accurate but that’s what I felt like putting down in terms of numbers.  Alice stopped by to check on me before retrieving J and taking him for a checkup, she suggested I get my free coffee from SBUX but I don’t know if I need it.  I feel quite alive.  Just noticed I still need to changed the byline of this blog.. when can I do that, don’t know.. later.  Going to start noting more from ‘Big Sur’ and the new books that just arrived today.. think there’s one more outstanding.  Committed to reading 5 books at a time, shedding TV and devices and changing my major to Philosophy.  Yes, as I’m a student again I will embrace my life in Philosophy and thought [Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Philos‘ in Lit’].  I am reborn, and you can associate what you wish with that term.  Wine has nothing to do with it.. NOTHING.  Oh this feeling after the shower and now that I’m feeling more like the old Mike and transitioning into this New Mike I’ve been talking about.  You know what?  I WILL get a coffee, keep this motion in motion, for my Personhood and new conviction and newly declared major.