Writer/Journalist log documenting his [synonyms for ‘hunt’]

for stories and accounts…  Think this will be bottledaux’s new subline, or second title, or header.  Byline?  I’ll see. “Rummage”, I like that word.  Very much.  So: “a writer/journalist documenting his rummage for stories and accounts”.  No.. take out ‘a’, and ‘his’ (add ‘a’, or THE.. yes!  THE! But I hate the word ‘the’.. and I jus wrote it twice, see that?).  Also take out ‘and accounts’.  Keep thinking, I’m 35 and I’m starting over.  Which part of me thinks is shameful and the other says something to the growl of “Well at least you’re thinking about it and passionate and not putting anything off, or just saying ‘oh I’ll get to it, it’ll all work out’.  I’ll change the subtitle on 1/1 or 12/31.  And wine will again be de-emphasized.  What I really want to write about is the payrate of tasting room staff and others in the wine world, if you want to know what my true interests are in the almighty WINE.  Why do wineries look for every way to short us, both in bonus and salary but are so quick to add more responsibility boasting that ‘it’s a great opportunity’ or saying ‘I’m going to put you in charge of’ like it’s a big deal and it might be, but no extra pay, or at least not immediately.  And no advancement or growth map.  They’re robbing all of us.  And it’s up to us not to be sold on the fantasy of wine, like they tell us to sell.

Jackie at school and Alice getting some cough drops for the writer/journalist.  And I need to submit in this new year!  No printings!  Unless I can really afford it.  I mean, truthfully, I want to self-publish but I can’t afford it right now (outside the blog) and the house savings need to be economic emphasis 1, the apex of my monetary aims.  And keep my submitted pieces short, like 400-800 words.  No more.  And now my goddamn laptop balks and stalls…  Devilish device.  Going to start with opinion pieces I think, submit to the New Yorker and the New York Times, see what happens.  I’m not wasting my time with never-heard-of lit mags and other publications with a subscriber list of a couple dozen if that.  NO.  This is a New Mike and I’ll acquire what I want in this new year.  Thank this cold for making me see with no impediment or mood buffer or block.  There, I’m starting my rummage.  OR, ‘inquest’.  How about my inquest for stories…?