4PM. So it’s raining outside.

Nothing cataclysmic nothing torrential, not even something impressive or worth reporting in my opinion.  But the weather still reports, foreshadows.. predicts.  One said it was “moderately confident” of the weather that was to land tonight and tomorrow.  Moderately confident?  What does that mean?  Not many showed for the 5 points for a rough draft, so I was out earlier than I measured I’d be.. troglodytes.  Hard to eat and type.  Starvation definitely more ameliorative.  Ordered a grilled chicken sand’ with fries, regular not curly.  Want to be somewhat health-aware.

Think I know what authors I’ll be using next term.  Again, ‘think’.  Full-timers laughing in the halls, ha ha ha… Life is so easy and I’m in one place and I get the courses I want and I love my office… ha ha ha.  Pretending I don’t hear them and I’m going to stay here.  The library doesn’t call me as it used to.  And I thought while walking in the where-the-hell-is-the-rain rain that I can’t write too much in a day, ever, and I can’t post “too much” to the blog.  I’m always concerned about excess in terms of release.. thinking, “Could I Self-publish too many novels?” Of course not.  So there’s my reasoning and I deem it quite sound.

Full-timer just walked in then into the mail/copy room.  I said ‘hi’ and she gave me a bothered smirk like ‘what the hell is that part-time guy doing eating in our meeting room?’  Sandwich done, now just fries.  She walks out again and back to her office carrying the James Baldwin collection that I’m pretty much set on using next term.  Only read a couple of his works but the struggle he shares, both with race and sexuality, Civil Rights, should prove engaging and provocative in the classroom.  And I need a new author anyway, and Baldwin is one of the strongest, most relevant and pervasive authors in the American “canon”.  So, I’m using him.  Wonder if they have a spare copy in the office.  They used to have spare copies of books in the office, the featured author for the semester, or the “WOLM” as they tag it.  Civil Rights, as a pronounced consistency in his work, especially with all these incidents all over the country with police and black men, will be especially beaming with topic potential and ideas’ exchanges.  I’m excited, researching him right now, my new author.

These fries aren’t cooked as well as I’d like.  I prefer them with more crisp and audibility than this.  Why am I complaining?  It’s from the school cafeteria….

Just had an idea.. take on some of the full-timers with your Baldwin approach.. get competitive and have your own position that you have dominate the Baldwin exploration on campus.  No more of this ‘just an adjunct’ placement.  I’ll show them.  All.  Have to start soon and I’ll have him, Mr. Baldwin, be one of the 1B authors.