1:15.  And in the JC library, in the middle of the floor but against a wall, glass at head’s back, an office for someone, some librarian or library administrator– shit just realized they could see if they were seated in that desk just behind me, but no maybe not, a glass design on lower portion of glass, the part through which she or he’d look out to see what I was writing, but it’s fogged, somewhat translucent so I need not worry.  Went home quick to drop off some papers.  Was tempted to eat the rest of last night’s burrito but decided against, decided that I need hunger today.  About to post the first Kerouac Big Sur reaction to teaching blog, officially start Spring ’15 and leave this term behind me.  Students everywhere, working against deadlines (which as you know I envy), and rushing from stack to stack, reading, taking notes with headphones in ears, looking clocks…  After this brief check-in I’ll edit, or speed-edit, whoso and the Kerouac piece.  So my deadline…  2:35.  1 hour, 15 mins from now.  So I better not anymore eat into my time cushion with this paragraph.  Another sip of the Sumatra…  There I’m ready.  Students laughing, small group, all female, far right, think they went to stairwell– yes, heard echos of their hilarity.