first words of day’s 3 pages (no edits)

This morning already taking off with a fire, a fire in me and tonight it will materialize further.  I remember everything I wrote last night and don’t.  So today, note in small words, phrases; objects and people like I have been doing.  Rain expected.  So that’ll help.  I always write better in the rain.  Standalone pieces; Dav’s letter, that short story that I didn’t finish, “His Beer”, and some others.. just enjoy your writing, like when I repeat to you “Just enjoy your run…Just enjoy your run…” when you’re running.  Yes this page is a bit outofbody but who cares.  It’s my morning and Jack’s over there playing with his cars and trucks and dinosaurs so I can play too.  Drinking the medium roast, and the ideas just cascade into my consciousness like a storm that’s al;ways waited and wanted to be observed, to wet the pavement here in Bennett Valley and soak the soil for next vintage and just be one with us.  Just thought I should start the day with a paragraph and what’s in a paragraph who knows but me and the moment and me in that moment.  My Personhood just for a moment perfected and I can’t edit I don’t know if I have time, well I’m sure I don’t.  I want to try to capture what other authors did– that feeling of a story writing itself like Hem did in that first or second chapter.  PRetty sure it was the first.  When he sees the dark-haired beauty and he is constantly mentioning and observing how much the people around him disgust him with their drunkenness.  Jack comes over to see what I’m typing then walks away, don’t think he likes this running of ideas form, the jazzy paragraph pulsations; but it’s my heart, and my identity ‘cause no other style is.  Wonder what he’ll think, as I always do and have been more lately, what he’ll think when he reads the novel (Quarry Swing) and this project or my other sketches and vignettes or para-essays.  What will he think?  I would read it to him now but I’m afraid he’d just get bored.  He thoroughly delights in the readings I conduct at night in his upstairs studios but pictures accompany.  So this won’t due.  Or wouldn’t I’m sure.

Haven’t shaved in days so I have to do that.  And shower.  Pickoutclothes, can’t I just have another yesterday, another 10.5 mile run and come home and enjoy the rain and just have a day to myself?  After this semester I deserve it, I’m heartily convinced.  Oh yeah, grade a little tonight, with the ‘et alors’ attitude.  I will.  I already have in my mind many times this semester.

Clouds collect outside and I know a song is coming, probably several, just enough for me to write to.  Katie putting me in touch with one of the big shots at SSU’s wine biz program, who’ also apparently’s a good friend of Katie’s, maybe having a project lined up for me.. so I have to prepare some ideas immediately, immediately– wine writing, Creative Wine Writing– no, MAGNETIC wine writing: speaking of wines creativiely to generate sipper interest.  Something like that..  Have to find texts though.  I’ll look on Amazon or just do some research in the library like I did with Kerouac the other day…  Notes and ideas and the ideas I haven’t yet noted.  I’m a hunter and I have to be ready with my rifle, PEN, for when they show, pocket the carcass– enough with that illustrative alignment!  I’m just going to be ready for ideas today, and I’ll step away from guests if I have to.  What will They do?  Write me up for writing?  I dare them!  So, the first thing I think of is the notion of character.. character expression.. “expression” is something, a word and idea, that’s always thrown around loosely in the wine world, here…