Cool Wade told me yesterday in a

chess game we enjoyed on their dime I need to get more aggressive and I wholeheartedly agree.  And this isn’t another case of Mike Madigan bovarism.  It’s realization that the competitive Hem in me needs to rush off the tracks, stop being so safe and defensive.  Stop caring.  The ones who find Literary fame  demonstrate lack of concern.  They write and release.  That’s it, no cease.

Yesterday, slow, then a notetaking session at the pub.  No food or beer, just writing in my loft area.  Love that space.  One cook or kitchenhand came up to have a word with the owner’s wife, gave me a bit of a look, but I said nothing didn’t budge and kept writing.  Truth– okay, had ONE beer.  The double IPA that Jeff recommends.  Just one.  didn’t want to be slowed or compromised with my observations once back in the TR.  And haven’t started with my day’s 3 pages yet.  Had yesterday’s done before I even started that long walk down the pathway to those gaudy doors.  But today’s going to be different I can tell from the lack of rain and where they have me stationed but I’ll keep with the same habit.  Aggression.. aggressive.. AGGRESSOR.  And in the game where I was more aggressive, I nearly beat CW.  Nearly, as he’s my teacher of sorts with the game.  And this is all chess.  My next move– mystery.  Mostly to whom this types.  But there is a next move.. and no stalemate.

7:46AM:  Jackie dressed and my bag packed.  Keeping self a bit starved this morning.  No burrito, no Dr. Pepper.  Just coffee.  As Kerouac as I can.  My Beat re-established and paginated here to remind Self of certain things.  I’m my own King.  And I won’t EVER be caught.

note:  Ran 1 hour on treadmill at gym last night.  Reg-ing for 26.2 in Santa Cruz today.  novelist, marathoner, marathoning novelist/writer/journalist/diarist…..