1NOV, another thought.

Something I have to follow, but what?  Find something to follow, today, something, and not yourself as a story, you’ve been doing that too long.  Jeff, the Palooza owner, certainly a candidate, but consider something else.. like what?  UGH.  Maybe.. a winemaker.  Yes.  My sister.  But could I be impartial?  Sure I could.  We’ve always had a bit of a rivalry.  Friendly, yes, but it’s there.  Some don’t want to talk about it, but it’s in the pool, in the air, on all columns of any building we’re concurrently in.  That’s what makes Katie, my sister, such an Artist.  Not just the brilliant wine she produces, but her undervoiced competitive voraciousness.  As far as I gather, she’s untouched and unreachable in a flurry of regards.  She, my little baby sister, a candidate.

I have to be interested in someone to follow them, and I mean much more than interested like I find something, a story, interesting, or some coincidence slightly capturing.  I need to be short of enamored, or taken.  I’ll be looking today, looking everywhere.  And for lunch…?

IDEA: stop at St. Francis, buy some of Katie’s bottles, but it’s hard to tell which are truly hers.. I’ll do some investigation or ask gentle questions, they’ll never know what I’m doing.  They’ll just think, “oh how cute, Mike’s here tasting, asking questions about his sister..” Or just, “Oh it’s Mike Madigan.” I prefer latter.

6:46AM, what a morning.  This HST interview is fascinating, and motivating.  I love his statement: “This was my ticket to ride, my ticket to get out of that damn place.” How I feel with the winery and adjuncting.  And I will get out.  I’ll show that mammering horn-beast full-timer at Mendocino what’s in my pen.  Again I’ll say, what a morning.  So awake that I’m alarmed, really.  I’ve pleasantly alerted myself and no I’m not just rambling at the moment even though it may seem like that’s what I’m doing okay maybe a little bit– the day, not even open, book unread.  No sign of sun.  Fall, confusing everyone, everything.  No birds yet.  Alice’s alarm goes, time for her early run as she said.  Good for her.  She deserves her sprints around Bennett Valley, whatever time she chooses.  She’s a hard worker, educator, obsessed nearly.  She needs her time, my wife, a break indeed.