Finished another standalone piece.  This one an article, an opinion piece on wine and tasting it.  No title, no edits as of yet, very rough.  Game 7 on right now and I just want to go home.  Should I dismiss the class, would that be wrong?  Looks like the Giants are up 2-0 in the second.  Want to leave but I can’t.  Goddamnit!  Ready for fourth class of the day, can’t wait till semester ends…

And the article I wrote, or just finished typing, was all handwritten this morning in that devilish Mendocino office.  All in the Comp Book.  Not sure if I’m running tomorrow.  Maybe just a calming 3 miles.  Bringing only my Comp Book with me to work, no laptop– no I can’t do that.  I’ll only bring my Comp Book to lunch, if I don’t go with Dwight.

5:43.. maybe I should ask the students what they want to do.. not sure there’s too many of them that care about baseball.  But I do.  And this is my only true team.  Okay, calm down…  Go to class.

10/30, 7:15AM, up with Jackie ready for day.  New writing approach: “groundhog rolls”.  Write only in journal then rise or appear for certain standalone project.  I don’t want too many pieces just floating around in this laptop or the boxes upstairs in the home office, an office I rarely use, but will this Saturday night on the writing retreat.  MY first cup of coffee, done, and Jackie’s had his breakfast and is mostly dressed, just no socks, sweater.  We’re on a roll so far, and hope the day’s progression in the tasting room conforms.  No running after work today but hopefully tomorrow at mother-in-law hour, 4-something.  It may be raining but I don’t care, I want a run that’s an adventure, one that’ll spook me slightly, have me more attentive, and into my stompings.  I do plan on tasting today a little and talking with who I can to get quotes on the ’14 vintage, see what type of collective character it’s propelling at the winemakers in their lab, in the tanks, or in barrel if it was situated straight to oak.

No dinner with Blair come Saturday.  I have to get my desk upstairs organized and the writings in some kind of order.  Pushing the release date of whoso as I won’t be able to print– oh wait, yes I can!  After I drop off Jackie, tomorrow!  So today’s priority is to edit that first issue, each line, and if there’s a couple mistakes, then so what.  IT’s my first issue– or OUR first issue, the other writers and I– and we’re out there now, for the world to read.  So, Saturday night I read my novel, ten pages at a time, and PRINT!  No new standalones, lest they be quit short and darted.  If I’m to be the journalist type, I must sequester my Self in the journal itself.  Hunter S. said ‘the crazy never die’, and I’m the foxiest of foxes now, with my journal and logging of all these details and characters and sounds, season shifts, grapes being made to wine, the wine I drink, sober or drunk [haven’t been drunk in a while, fortunately, or unfortunately, not sure how I’d write if drunk now], tired or caffeinated.  I need more coffee.  One more cup after this one.  To the day, writing away….