and I feel of sorts odd, and off [what I initially typed].  Was up just after 5, but decided to fall back into sleep, so there goes any hope of a streak.  Tomorrow morning, the next 5AM showing for me and my spinning thoughts and interpretations of simplicity.  Again, not a thing graded yesterday.  Hoping to change that today.  It’s hard, as 30 minutes isn’t enough time to do anything, anything.  I think it’s funny They call it a ‘lunch break’.  You hardly feel rested and barely have time for enjoyment of whatever you bring to eat.  But They, of course, get an hour or longer.  More often longer.

As you may have already estimated, I need coffee…  Fixing that.  May wake little Kerouac but oh well.

Hear Canadian geese outside.  Grudge, I can’t do what they do, just fly away.  Saw someone yesterday, daughter of a friend, who’s set to drive out to Colorado then fly to Australia, live there for a year, and her visa terms are such that she has to change jobs every six months, or something of that condition.  How redolent and quaking with life.  I’m re-organizing certain writings and preparing “Questions They” to submit.  And, editing down “Bells Over Ruin”.  The first fifty page piece, also in waiting.  So there’s three projects that could potentially put me on the Road– no, not potentially, WILL contributed to my road’d romp.

Little Kerouac, still not up.  Tired little Artist, like his father–  Just thought, I’ll take “lunch” early, like 11:30 or 12.  12:30 latest.  Go to park, grade twenty items, then note.. or write another of the ‘Appellation’ poems.  Just, no Palooza visit and certainly no staying on property.  I want that shaded area, the same spot where Dav and I had our talks.  There’s an idea storm there, a thought torrent.. books, books!

Still no coffee and that’s fine.  Feel a slight scratchy scrape in the back of my throat.  No bug, please!  I truly haven’t the time for even the gentlest of colds or flus or anything sniffles or coughs or fevers.  Not now, not now!  The issue of P&W that came yesterday, just in time, and I guess I do have some issues left.  Should give them a call to see how much longer I have and if I should renew.. everything I do is Literary/journalistic and will stay that way.  Only one glass of wine last night because I was so tired from my day’s 3,400+ words, waking at five, and I didn’t want to hinder a 5AM show.  But I did anyway just not from wine sippings.  Tonight no wine, not a drop.  And I’ll set my alarm for 4:50, so I can push the first key before 5.  How’s that, reader, for obsessive?  All this guy Mike Madigan wants to do is write, and read, and think, and grade and teach and just walk with his escaping thoughts and fantasies of travel!  What’s wrong with this guy, this character!?  He’s like one of his characters– curious to fault and eccentric and always citing citations of the workplace.  Treason!

6:53AM–  And Alice goes for her run, or has been gone for a while.  Me still no coffee.  What the lady said in the tasting room the other day, I think she was from New Orleans or North Carolina, “This just doesn’t suit our palate.” Well, I thought, good for you…  And just the smirk on her face when she threw those words at me, so proud of herself that she told someone in the wine industry, at a winery, that their wine wasn’t to their stratospheric stature.  I swear what wine does to these people is just funny, so amusing, and it will ALL be in the novel, in all six of its 50-page parts.  All details punctuated and I’ll keep going.  Readers should be daunted by how much I write and how truthful and fearless and forward I am in a sentence, or even with an eremetic word’s footing.