8/28/14 excerpts…..

…not enough imagery?  Not enough focus on the nucleus, or the winery characters?  Will he understand it’s difficult to balance?  I just want to share this passion with him, for reading and books and ideas, words– pictures (ones written of course), Art, exploration, education– SELF.  And I will, he will.  Last night whilst his friend Luna was over, he read books on his bed, by himself while Luna, Alice and I waited for her mother.  He sat quietly, every so often trying to read or translate what he saw.  To the compulsion and propulsion’s there.  Just posted to blog, communicated with students.  Going to prepare a thousand words, a letter to them, starting this evening or at lunch!  Yes!  At lunch!  Still haven’t heard from SSU Chair, but then I did only send it last night.

9:17, will be driving in 3 or less.  The drive yesterday, with little/no covering gray, exposing hills and the harsh green of the Mendocino County hills, peaks, rocks and geo-diversity.  I want that!  This drive is too short and too same and repeated.  Curse it, and curse it well!

9:21, I should go, but I’ll have the little notebook on my character, the Red.  I win, I win!  Feel literary.  Just put poem on bottledaux blog.  Going to miss it…


9:36PM.  Rough day.  Rough run.  Rosé.  But I’m almost done.  Fallowed-through with a short-short story, just over 500 words, tonight.  Just wrote the last piece of dialogue, about the questions people ask in the tasting Room.  Going to send this wherever I can.  I hope I get reject letters.  Think I may expand it though, to just over 800 words.  I read somewhere that if you have a column in a paper that’s how long your articles or pieces should be.  I don’t know.  That’s only 300 words, and I have my alarm set for 5AM.  And I will rise at that time, without fail, or slight shortcoming.  And at that time I’ll write for the novel, the novel, the one I HAVE to finish.  Today was one of those days where I fantasized about giving my notice, telling them “I’m done.” And “I’m leaving to write.” But it’s just fantasy at this point.  I hope I wake at 3-something, so I can get even more done.  Think in standalones, lone projects you can and would submit anywhere, that you’re that confident in.

Kerouac, my students’ reactions, interesting, how many of them don’t get his style or don’t see ‘what’s the point’ as one of them said yesterday, that there’s no plot.  Well how do you define plot and what kind of plot are you looking for?  One with dragons and kingdoms and battles and serfs?  The reading culture of this country is so genre obsessed and needing easy reads that reveal rather than rile the reader’s actual mental.

Not much I can write, now, about the tasting room, the guests, the eclectically putrid questions they pose.. nothing.  And I’m tired.  My 6.2 miler was not my most telling run, not even a little.  So tomorrow morning, I’ll “make it happen” as Alice said tonight, about how she finds time to run.  Those words I still hear…