8/3/14–  Back, will go through my notes tomorrow morning, first thing, while Alice is on her run.  In total, over three pages of notes, observations, details.  Still no word from one writer friend, but I’ll keep writing letters.  If not to her then to the other one, the flight attendant.  Can’t get that view from the beach out of my head.  Even with my hangover, I could appreciate the waves’ intensity and volume, and with that coffee and Alice to my left, sitting on that downed tree, near the rocks and dried seaweed and kelp, I was trapped, further illustrated.  But I’m tired.  I can’t lie.  I still somewhat suffer from last night’s wedding; the wine, beer, wine, wine…  Should have slowed, and I did by night’s slowing, but it was too late.  Tonight, only sipping sparkling water, berry, my favorite.  Watching the new, weather portion, but not listening, and not watching, so it should be off.  I should be off.  And eyes closed.  And still, upstairs.  The older entries, still needing me, but I don’t have anything resembling adequate energy tonight.  Clocking.  Out.