Somewhat early up.  Coffee, dressed, playing with little Kerouac all by 7:46AM.  Andrea, Alice’s friend, coming to watch toddlers at 8:30 while Alice is at yet another interview.  Proud of her progress, relentless nature of finding the teaching assignment that suits her.  Leaving laptop home today.  Logging thoughts for novel, or first episode of.. the 40 gathered pages over the weekend.  First installment.  My character, wanting escape, purity of thought, Newness, a novel finished finally, and peace, freedom, utter bother drought.

Second cup brewing.  Re-reading the opening chapters to ‘Road’ last night has me assured of what’s needed.  I feel like Dean, at this point, if I were reading this for the first time.  Headed west, or east, or anywhere, get away from the plainness, the reality of a song on constant repeat.  Both babies, mine and Addison, here with me.  Reinforcements should be here shortly, about 18 minutes if she’s timely.  From her arrival, I leave.  May not even get my mocha.  Need to just start the writing, the book building.  And the character, Scott…  Mike’s friend, where Mike wants to be but isn’t, and the realities stack, and he continues dubiously, but he does persist with his wish list.

Can’t write here, so I’ll write tonight, no laptop in car, traveling light, like JK in the woods of Big Sur.  Would love to go camping, even though I hate camping, in Yosemite, see what I write, what I photograph, or what I simply experience and see.

The morning, like a planning session, but I’m always calling audibles.  How many I’ve lost count, and what the value is.. guess I have to wait for reader reaction–  Which reminds me I should stop at the Oakmont ATM for some cash, something to have on person, case I want another coffee, or beer after class.