Finished a poem.  I’m a fiery boulder tonight, with my verse, my Beat approach.  Would love to see someone try, stop me.  This must be the Cab talking, I’m a poet, with only fearlessness, a rattlesnake’s eagerness.  But I calm.  Want to be on the Road, with my friends, my sister.  Ms. Lila, in New Orleans.  I don’t know if I’d be able to socialize, cruise the streets.  I’d want to find one spot, write– OR, take pictures, video, then write later.  I need to be mobile, NOW–  6 days, 1 month till 35.  I’m angry tonight, have been all day, with the plainness, the mass cracker taste of hours.  So, my rattle provides BEAT, one to which I can write, recite.  -4/23