12/19/13:  Took Jackie to see a street riddled with xmas lights, tonight.  And now, I’m on couch, writing as I always do.  Semester, done.  Now I grade, like a frantic form that no one wants to know.  The thank-you card the English 5 students made for me this morning, incredibly motivating, humbling.  It’s altogether obvious what I was meant to do.  So I’ll just do it.  For the rest of my Life.

Need a sip, be right back…  Keeping this entry short.  I want to relax, watch a little of the Poe documentary I found the other night, as well as just live.  The bar at the pizza joint tonight, too loud for the writer.  As I discussed with a student in class this morning, people, especially crowds, become more and more bothersome as I age.  Granted, she’s only 19, but shares the sentiment, taking it a couple skips forward, saying “I hate people.” Not sure I would go that far, but I definitely don’t look to be around voice clusters for extended embraces.

The wind, showing more eagerness.  Was quite aggressive during our walk down that xmas lighting lane.  But I miss the rain.  And that short pat of precipitation the other day doesn’t count.  Was that yesterday?  Anyway, I want fierce downpours, those that keep us indoors, force me to finish this book.

Two remote controls at right.  I hate TV, so I hate the sight of them both.  I want to remove them from my sight.  And I do, but not completely.  Have to turn hard left to see them, but I won’t.  And of course, I’m more focused on this screen.  Don’t want to think about tomorrow, either.  It’s about as exciting to me as those two bloody remotes.  Spending the night’s remaining minutes in repose, sips sequential; Cabernet stray.  I see mySelf in Usher’s house, unaffected…