poem’d page

8:23am.  Think I can afford 30 minutes.  Coffee, right.  Stomach a little uneasy from last night’s dinner.  Nothing serious, just wanted it noted, that it only in minor fashion interferes with this morning’s pace. First sip.. like a palate portrait.  Both classes have their respective posts on teaching blog.  Reminder: renew subscription to P&W.  Thought I did, but I guess I somehow forgot.

Today’s poem, making another cluster of 3, for submission.  Plan on sending some out this week, Tuesday.  Looking at Tuesday as a get-all-done day type.  Run.. to Petaluma, or Mothership [leaning toward Petaluma, as there won’t be many students there, I don’t think, and I can get at least two hours of writing in..], then haircut, then write till 7pm.  Then back to castle.  But project wise, what do I want from the day?  OVERthink.. death.  Just write, enjoy your day.  Read more Poe.

On mountain today, I think.  Should be beautiful with all the Fall expressiveness, reinoculated air, and of course, my favorite attribute: the quiet.  Still noticing mySelf getting annoyed with others, especially in the tasting Room.  “Do you have a bathroom?” “How does this work?” [my favorite] .. And, “So what did you just pour me?” I only get perturbed with students if they’re not engaged, and if they see themselves above the Literature, above what I’m doing, too coruscating for the class, at all.

8:34a.  Of course, Time winning again.  Taking a P&W with me to work; along with Poe, then newJournal.  But I only have 30 minutes of break, and I have a poem to write…  So only newJournal comes with.  I’ll tend to the items addition later, this evening.

Not looking forward to

any repetitive arrows.

Their image, imagined, exhausts



Branches, crack and ignored by

curb, run over again.  Am I the

only one seeing this story?