Well B4 Nine

Ran this morning, finally–
5AM, how do i feel–
larger than systems, expectations:
what else can i do?

7.53 miles,
one hour
alive, so i choose poetry, verse,

They like to see me slow but


with no ‘thank you’ modifying
speaking to today and tomorrow, mainly–
what comes after that will have to wait for
my order. 2menus: rain andNO,
sit in bus‘ middle, surrounded by stories,
to much 2eavesdrop, stopped–
with 1s fraught, left bigger bills under bed,
shoebox taught:
fanatical morning run, stunGUN;
set in spec vignette.. beget new set–

cut, rewatch.. purposefully plotted blotched,
off, this stop, talking to a woman who just
bought a home across town.. she too looks for
something new to do,
then more coffee,
please. And something to