Kindled Kiosk map

Waiting for composition invite, lost and
Given insight. My plight might bite.. Caution.
History books glorify crooks. I’m not a mind
On their hook. Conflict, of safety stripped–
Glass, over tipped. Her journals predicted the
Whole fold. Followed by letters till I’m still, or
Old. Writing back in car, hope she calls tonight, if moon’s right.
Explain my strain through scribbled wine rain–
Dedicated, abetted rated. Verbs with triangulating
Syllables. Everest elevation, my station.
Poet never complacent. My bravado,
Brazen. One-man lethario, latent. Metaphysical
Veraison. Singing to tidal waves. My wings,
Merely viral staves. Singular enclave–
Running from air raid on airwaves.. Prepared,
Nay. So the penman irresponsibly writes the day
Away. Chemically sudden, patience set in the oven.
Need quiet, but does it exist? Defer to a wish list
Written on a napkin, stamped with her last kiss. Ariel
Fairy tale. Age only dares me well. Impaired, 3 bells. Obscure for cure. Dilute the elements impure. I’m nearly