Tasting the Room, Day 2

Winemaking, all I can think about. Eager for ’13.
Moving publishing money to winemaking efforts. Done. Final.

Want to make wine that people are genuinely connected to.
Hands-on, more intimacy next vintage

Wondering what my Merlot tastes like now… If only I knew where they put my barrel

Lost in fantasy, a lab of my own… What am I taking about?
I’m a writer, deeply obsessed with these wine images, visions, dreams.

Opening a Sauvignon Blanc tonight–
One of my next projects. Definitely
For ’13. I’m in a rush.
That mind could harm me. If I let it.
But the love, I feel’s protecting me.
Need something on palate, something
To keep me in this mood, mode. There..
That ’09 Barbera. Tasting… Sharp.
Bright, acidic, aggressive.. But
Distinguished. Precisely what I want,
Character-wise, in my bottles. Sip …