Swat at what me stops. Thought unlocked. Pen dropped away from them not. So speed intensified while me replenished, why.. Postmodern game in a toasted auburn shame.
Getting nowhere, we, by catapulting blame. Idea spawned in Iran, smuggled
Here to my cave– only to maintain in
Stance, even if I’m labeled depraved.
More coin than an arcade– incoming
Like a far wave. Stop where I stand before I stroll 2 where I’ll sit– awaiting
Wizard visit. Lost in my own pages–
Written to many worded mazes. Leave
Excessively critical readers in deconstructive hazes. My other name is.. Thomas Anello. King in one day, sing for 1 say.. Delay to repay. Press
Replay– change my method and direction, intellect inception, I’m freshened.