contrast, oddity, diminished regulation-
wild writing, dialogue collection, ocean
(all senses connecting) i woke with
This. That
a shift needs sparking; attitude
new– more coffee, less wine.. More
pen2paper. more quiet. long drives, no
target. Pages all over floor.
an office, travel, back to office–
more of a study. like Twain’s. London’s. more song– no
predictable prose.. I don’t want to
know what i’m doing in frame next.
how is that life, lively.. lively life?
time to read.. have to revisit all
Books I’ve been promising I would–
Be a student again.. PhD pursuit?
can’t afford the one I want, at that
campus.. But why should that stop me? Responsibility’s like bland
an over-promoted bland meal.
Not interested anymore, me–
So am I “irresponsible?” I
Hope so. That’s how to get
my picture.

Tomorrow, all different.